Minding Futures: Adventuring Spirits

The Young Members Group at the Fairfield Club have been celebrating. All their hard work has literally paid off! The young people have been awarded a massive £7,000 from Croydon’s Youth Opportunity Fund to organise an activity trip to Cyprus.

New member Balaji Sussandrabosse said “We are excited, the aim is to stay in a Villa where we can work together as a team to develop our independence in cooking, cleaning, healthy eating, shopping & budgeting as well as having a great time!. It will be a challenge being in an unfamiliar environment, away from home and living as part of a group but I’m really looking forward to it”

Cem Mustafa said “Now I really need to start getting fit and lose weight and I really hope we can have a coal BBQ.”

Activities the young members are planning to co-ordinate as part of their trip are quad biking, swimming, tennis, volleyball, mountain biking, archery & historical tours.

The group will be making a permanent record to reflect and share their experiences, achievements and progress in a video diary and art exhibition – so watch this space!

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