Mind in Croydon Recognised as Investor in People

Mind in Croydon has been recognised as continuing to meet the prestigious Investors in People Standard. The assessment report, received in January, stated that: "Mind in Croydon's particular strengths include a very open culture, the senior team is seen as approachable, non hierarchical and appreciative with a real interest in individuals, their views and their ideas. There is a strong focus on continuous development for all staff, good communications, high quality training and development, supportive supervisions and appraisals and other forms of constructive feedback. People in all roles are very committed to maintaining the professionalism and success of the organisation. The vision and informally expressed values of the organisation are strongly held throughout and guide its approach. Mind in Croydon is an exceptional employer in the way it encourages staff to use their ideas and out of work interests to develop and enhance services to service users. People feel very empowered and free to act in their own area of responsibility within well defined policies and procedures. There is a very open approach to decision making at all levels."

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