Festival Showcases Films Made by Members of Mind

Members of Mind in Croydon will be screening short, thought provoking, documentary films in recognition of World Mental Health Day on the 10th October 2008 at the David Lean cinema at Croydon Clocktower.

The collection of shorts share very meaningful personal experiences for those that made them. Each of the film makers has first hand experience of mental health problems, and the issues that go with them. Their original, thought provoking and powerfully emotive films are motivated by experiences ranging from prejudice and incarceration to survival and recovery.

Organisers hope the Freewill Productions event at the David Lean Cinema at the Croydon Clocktower will increase understanding of the role of creative expression in the lives of people who are affected by mental health problems. They also aim to highlight the crucial social networking services, education, advocacy, counselling and support services provided by Mind in Croydon and how these have contributed to their recovery.

The event will serve to launch Mind in Croydon's You Tube channel where members will be encouraged to develop their social networking even further by sharing their thoughts and experiences with the world at www.youtube.com/mindincroydon

The project has been made possible by funding from Film London and support in kind from Croydon Council.

One of the film makers, Paul Clarke, aged 33 who has a diagnosis of schizophrenia has been editing his own film about his voluntary work at Mind in Croydon's allotment. He said: “The Documentary Group at Mind in Croydon has really improved my confidence.' He aspires to go on to work for the BBC in the future.

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