Dubai Marathon pledge for Mind in Croydon

Alexander Armstrong, who lives and works in Dubai is running the Dubai Marathon on the 22nd January 2010 in aid of Mind in Croydon.     

It is an incredibly tough race, the temperature will start at around 27C and, although it is winter, the high could be around 34C.  Alex has run the London marathon a couple of times but getting used to running in this heat is something that will take him some time. There is far from the level of attendance and support that you get in the London marathon so it will be a very mentally tough race as there is little support along the way.

Alex is looking forward to giving it his best shot. 

The reason why he has chosen to raise money for Mind in Croydon is because he has relatives in the borough, he has a family member who suffers from mental health problems and his mother used to volunteer at a Mind shop.  His family also have a business in the area.

We would like to wish Alex all the best in his training and build up to this difficult event.

You can sponsor Alex via his JustGiving page at

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