ITV1 Auction Party

Mind in Croydon are involved in an exciting show called 'Auction Party' with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen for ITV1.

Our team will be up against another local charity in a race to raise the most money.  The teams are given £250 each and have to buy items from charity shops and 'upcycle' some of them.   We don’t know which charity we will be in contest with as we are not allowed to find out until the day, however, I can confirm that it will be another charity in the local area.

Please support us by either coming along to the auction party and bidding as much as you are able for items or by donating items such as antiques or decorative items (if you are donating items we must have these by midday this Friday 28th January). These will either be chosen for sale on the night by Laurence Llewelyn Bowen who will be acting as auctioneer or, they will be sold by our charity shop to raise funds.

Please note: Spaces are limited and you need to confirm your attendence to to ensure there is still availability.   Please read poster below:




   with us