Advocacy Service takes part in IMHA Research

A study is underway to review Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA), a type of advocacy introduced in April 2009 as a result of the Mental Health Act 2007.  The purpose of IMHAs is to help patients to fully participate in decisions about their care and treatment. Qualifying patients are those who are under subject to a specific civil section of the mental health act.

The research is being funded by the Department of Health and aims to find out how IMHA Services are working in practice and what factors are involved to make a good quality IMHA Service.

Mind in Croydon were approached to take part in the study.  The research team needed in total 10 service users who have used an IMHA Service and 5 who did not qualify.  Andy Forey, Mind in Croydon IMHA Advocate, met with a representative of the University of Central Lancashire, who were facilitating the study, and completed a survey about advocacy services in the borough and was able to put forward one of his clients who met with them to talk about their experience of the service.

The project will be completed by November 2011 and a report published by early 2012

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