Human Library Event Monday 21st Nov

We are holding our second Human Library event on Monday 21st November from 2-6pm at Croydon Central Library.

What is a Human Library?
Essentially a Human Library is just like a regular library, except rather than borrowing a traditional book, you borrow a person for a 20 minute conversation, about their chosen title.

Why are we having this event?
In a nutshell, we know it can be a big success and very enjoyable. Sharing personal experiences also helps to reduce stigma and discrimination.

We know this, because we have done it before!

The last Human Library Event took place on 15th June 2011. It was held at Croydon Central Library, and was organised by the library staff, Mind in Croydon & Hear Us.

Come on down and speak to one of our 'human books'.

Contact Chloe on 020 8253 8205 or email for more details.

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