NEW: Carers' Counselling Service

We now have funding for a Carer's Counselling Service in Croydon.

Are you a Croydon resident providing unpaid support for family or friends who could not manage without your help? Are you caring for a relative, partner or friend who is ill, elderly, disabled or has mental health or substance misuse problems? If so you can apply for six free counselling sessions with our Carers' Counselling Service.

If you are a carer, 18 and over and live in the borough of Croydon, you are eligible to apply for Carers Counselling at Mind in Croydon.

As a carer you may face a number of difficulties which are hard to deal with emotionally and which cause you distress. Counselling can provide you with an opportunity to talk about these emotional difficulties with someone who is trained to listen. It can help you to understand what you are experiencing and to see the difficulty in a more manageable way.

Please click here to see our leaflet or contact us for an information pack.

T: 020 8763 2064

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