Croydon Community Civic Awards 2013

We were very pleased that our volunteer, Edna Franklin, was shortlisted for the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' at Croydon Council's Community Civic Awards at the Hilton Hotel in Croydon on Thursday 6th June.

Here's what we said about her to be shortlisted:

Edna has been volunteering for Mind in Croydon for over 25 years. She volunteers every Friday morning from 9am to 12.30pm and her role is banking the money we receive from our Counselling Service and any cheques we receive throughout the week. She rarely makes a mistake, and seems to have as much energy as always, as Edna will be turning 90 in August. Not only is she highly efficient with the banking but she also staffs our helpline which requires her to be up to date with information and very caring to the many people who phone us about their mental health issue and housing problems. Edna is very dedicated, if she comes in half an hour late, she makes sure she makes up her time and she rarely takes a day off (and offers to come in on another day if she does). Edna is an inspiration - if we could all be like her when we are 89 we would be incredibly lucky. Mind in Croydon hope to get another 10 years volunteering from her yet! 

Unfortunately, she didn't win the award which went to Sarah Kiffin (who has done an incredible amount of volunteering in Croydon), however, a wonderful evening was had by all and we are incredibly proud to have Edna as a loyal volunteer.

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