Employment Support Case Study

After suffering from depression, D hadn't worked for over a decade. Our Employment Services supported him over two years after he came to us saying he wanted to pursue a career in social care which he had been involved in many years before. Our structure programme of training and work experience enabled him to:

  • Pass level 2 of his IT qualification
  • Carry out voluntary work with Mencap to build up his CV
  • Complete a health and social care NVQ

After 18 months, D felt ready with our help to approach employers and found a full time job in a private sector learning difficulties organisation. But we didn't leave him there. We mentored and supported him during his first months so that when, for example, he told us he had been working not just full time but overtime and was shattered, we helped him negotiate with his employer to keep to his normal hours and not endanger his mental health by overdoing it. We still communicate by e-mail monthly and D is doing really well in his new role.

Read more about our Employment Support Service here.


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