The Hub - Somewhere to go, Something to do

On Friday 20 June we launched “Somewhere to Go, Something to Do”; Mind in Croydon’s survey of the views of people using mental health day services in Croydon. This was instrumental in the opening of the Hub at Fairfield.

This detailed survey enabled service users to describe how changes in Day Services had affected their physical and mental health, their social inclusion and quality of life. Service users also said what help they felt they needed but were not currently receiving.

The busy event was attended by two of our local MPs, Gavin Barwell and Steve Reed. We also welcomed Vanessa Hosford of Healthwatch Croydon , Brenda Scanlan from the new Integrated Commissioning Unit and Paula Swann and Stephen Warren from Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group. Speakers included service users and psychiatrist Dr Deji Ayonrinde.

The survey was very revealing, out of it came four recommendations:

1.  That local commissioners should listen to service users about the kind of services and support they find helpful and ensure they have commissioned a sufficient level and quality of these services locally. This should include specialist support around welfare benefits, debt and housing problems.

2.  Local providers should work with commissioners to develop monitoring processes that evidence the value of services in terms of maintaining people’s well-being and recovery and preventing relapse and unnecessary use of GP services, Accident and Emergency Services, Walk-in centres and secondary mental and physical health services.

3.  Funding should be available for a mental health social prescribing service.

4.  Commissioners should work with local NHS Trusts, service users, carers and local voluntary sector agencies to ensure that robust data is collected about why people are being admitted to mental health in-patient beds from the service users’ perspective. 

After discussions with the Clinical Commissioning Group, Mind in Croydon has developed a service in response to the survey. The “Hub at Fairfield” is open on Saturdays and provides the services that people said they would find helpful including: somewhere to go at the week-end to prevent loneliness and isolation, help with form filling, practical help and advice and the chance to have a meal eaten in the company of others.

"By opening the hub on Saturdays I have a place to go for a good meal. All of my freinds are there and the hub brings everyone together. The hub makes my Saturdays pleasant and relaxing." Sandra Maynard

A full copy of the report can be downloaded here

To contact the service please call 020 8688 1210 or email Full details and a leaflet about the service with a referral form can be found on our website at  

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