Living Library

The London Borough of Croydon will be celebrating Disability Awareness Week from Tues 1st Tues 8th Dec.

The aim of the week is to educate and inform the public about a variety of disabilities, together with the fight for inclusivity and access within society.

Mind in Croydon and Hear Us will be providing a Living Library at Croydon Central Library on Tuesday 8th December from 11am-2pm.

What is it?
The living library is just like a normal library but rather than borrowing books you borrow a person to have a chat with about mental health.

How it helps?
Less stigma means people with a mental health problem can talk about it more openly which can make recovery or managing their mental health a lot easier.
Also – the more that mental health is openly discussed the more people will not feel that they are the only one, and makes it more likely that people will seek help sooner.

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