Minding Money Project

The Minding Money Project's next workshop is due in May. 

To register your interest call 020 8253 8218 or use the online registration form found here

The last workshop was a great success! See the debt poem below produced by the group:

Mind in Croydon – Orchard House~
February 2016

 Debt Poem

 Woke up this morning in a dark, dark cloud,

I can hear this voice screaming out loud,

as I await the fall of the brown letter on the mat,

“I’m in debt! I’m in debt! I’m in the debt” said the cat,

Vet bills to pay for my broken paw,

So much money and we have no more,

I really feel so very, very poor,

Credit, credit said the anguished cat,

Maybe we should have some of that,

Longing to be free of this struggling debt,

Minding Money is my passport to freedom

as yet!

Minding Money Workshop

   with us