Megan jumps for Mind in Croydon!

Megan Burrage took on the brave task of performing a skydive on 25th June 2016 to raise money for Mind in Croydon.

Here is what Megan had to say:

"Mental health issue have been a huge factor throughout my life and I have witness it affect many of my loved ones in numerous ways over the years. I have suffered with Anxiety and spurts of depression since I was 14 and the condition held me back from a lot of experiences and achievements that I felt everyone else could do with great ease but were my biggest struggles. I have recently been able to control my condition and following my journey, it gave me an enormous encouragement and confidence to help others. 
Taking on the skydive was one of the most mentally challenging things I have done but I was ready to push myself and prove that if I could overcome all my fears and complete that jump, I could do anything and so can anyone else in a similar position. I couldn't have chosen a better charity to raise money for, i'm so pleased I could raise as much as I have and I truly hope anyone that is suffering with any kind of mental health issue does seek advise and guidance because nobody should suffer alone. We're all in this together <3 "

She went over her original target and raised £725 so a big thank you to Megan from all at Mind.

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