Minding Money Service Closes

The Minding Money Project, which was funded by Comic Relief for the last three years, delivered a series of workshops which were adapted from the Quaker Social Action “Made of Money” course. This project has now officially ended.

This project supported people with mental health problems to better manage their finances, learning how to make the most of limited income, building financial confidence and applying these skills to daily lives.

We have had a fantastic three years delivering the project.  Thank you to all of the participants for attending the workshops, focus groups and contributing to the success of the project. Many thanks to the banks that were involved and all of the stakeholders engaging in the delivery of the focus groups.

Quote from participant:

“Prior to attending the managing money course my finances were in a mess. I had been a working professional working as a nurse. Due to a mental health episode I am now out of work and on benefits. I had been use to managing my money but now needed support. I was constantly spending all my benefit money and kept dipping into my limited savings. I had no idea how much I was spending but I knew it was beyond what I could afford.

While on the Minding Money course I felt so looked after by the staff. And it was nice to be in a group with other people who also had the same money issues as me. I no longer felt alone and realised everybody can find themselves struggling with their finances for whatever reason. Every session was valuable and I learned so much from each. 

Especially good where the taste comparison tests that we did. Also of great value was where the scenarios looking at real life financial problems.

Overall I gained the tools and confidence to approach my money problems. After taking the course it took me a couple of months to start applying what I learned. I started a budget and now monitor all my income and expenditure. This has really empowered me to take control of my finances. 

I have put the brakes on unnecessary spending. I have consistently brought my groceries budget down by keeping track of what I buy and looking for cheaper healthy alternatives or cutting out completely. I have several debts to repay and I have been paying these back without having to use my savings. I would never of thought a money management course could have such an amazing impact on my life particularly reducing my stress around my spending."

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