We often produce reports measuring the success of our projects. Some of these can be found below.

Active Minds

Active Minds Evaluation Report (Oct 2012)

Active Minds Buddy Report (Oct 2012)

Active Minds Buddy Pilot Report (Feb 2011)


Specialist Housing Advocacy Report (Mar 2012)

Parenting Advocacy Report 0 - 6 months (Apr 2012)

Parenting Advocacy Report 6 - 12 months (Oct 2012)

Parenting Advocacy Report 12 - 18 months (Apr 2013)

Parenting Advocacy Report 18 - 24 months (Oct 2013)

Parenting Advocacy Report 30 - 36 months (Apr 2015)

Family Navigator Final Report (Mar 2015)

A right to know, A right to be involved (May 2015)


BME Counselling Report (Feb 2011)

Day Services Survey

  Somewhere to go Something to do (Sep 2014)

The Hub

The Hub - First Year Report (Nov 2015)

Policies & Procedures

Mind in Croydon fully supports the Mind Quality management system which was initiated in 2001. As part of ensuring a commitment to quality in organisational standards we have policies, practices and procedures on key areas of work and we implement a cycle and culture of continuous improvement and learning.

Having policies and procedures which are open to scrutiny and which are regularly reviewed is important for Mind in Croydon's dealings with its partners, service users and staff. For that reason we are delighted to be able to put the policies on our Website. Policies are regularly updated, usually every two to three years.

Mind in Croydon is committed to caring for its staff and has set up an External Support and Advice Line (ESAL) which is accessible to all staff via 'phone or e-mail to provide confidential advice, support and information on any problem 365 days a year, 24/7. It is also available for employee's partners and children up to 21 years of age. The telephone number for the ESAL which is run by Focus, a leading provider in this area, is available on staff notice boards, from Managers or from the Human Resources Manager on 020 8668 2210.

Select a title to view or download the relevant document. If you are not able to view documents in PDF format, select here to download Adobe PDF Reader.

Mind in Croydon Strategic Plan (2016 - 2019)

Alcohol and Drugs (Oct 2015)

Annual Salary Award Process (Reviewed annually - Feb 2019)

Authorisation of Expenditure (Nov 2015) 

Business Continuity Plan (Apr 2017) 

Child Protection Policy (Feb 2018)

Communications and IT (Oct 2018)

Complaints related to our Services (Feb 2016)

Confidentiality (Apr 2017)

Conflict of Interest (Feb 2019)

Disciplinary Procedure (Feb 2019)

Environmental Policy (Dec 2017)

Equal Opportunities, Equality and Diversity (Oct 2017)

Fundraising Strategy (2016)

Governance Manual  (Aug 2015)

Grievance and Disputes (Oct 2017)

Harassment of Staff (Dec 2017)

Health and Safety (Feb 2018)

Hospitality (Nov 2015)

Information Governance Policy (Jul 2017)

Lone Working Policy (Feb 2019)

Investment Policy (Reviewed annually - Jul 2018)

Management of Violence (Apr 2016)

Personal use of Resources (Aug 2016)

Quality Policy (Oct 2016)

Reporting of Incidents (Oct 2015)

Reserves Policy (Reviewed annually - July 2018)

Risk Management (Feb 2018)

Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy (Feb 2018)

Sickness Absence (Aug 2018)

Staff Handbook (Apr 2017)

Staff Structure (Aug 2017)

Stress at Work (Oct 2017)

Training and Consultancy – Remuneration Guidelines (Oct 2015)

Training and Development of Staff (Feb 2018)

Trips Away from the Office (Oct 2015)

User Involvement (Aug 2018)

Whistleblowing (Feb 2019)

Mind in Croydon aims to revise policies every 3 years unless stated otherwise.

Please note that Mind in Croydon adheres to the Criminal Record Bureau's Code of Practice and its Policy Statement on the Recruitment of Ex-offenders, both of which can be found on the CRB website.

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