How long will I have to wait?

Current Waiting Times

This page aims to keep you up to date with how long you might have to wait to be seen by our services.  We try to keep this page as current as possible.  If you find the information is out of date, please contact the service directly for wait times.

  • Counselling - One to one: On average - 4-6 weeks for an assessment and 4-6 weeks after this to commence ongoing counselling.
  • Counselling - Anger Control Training: Currently no waiting list but clients wishing to access the group has to be assessed for suitability and we aim to hold the group two-three times per year.
  • Carers  Service: Currently no waiting list. 
  • Advocacy: Currently no waiting list. The service aims to acknowledge community referrals and (if appropriate) arrange initial meetings with new referrals within 7 days. Hospital referrals vary due to nature of work there, as a general IMHA qualifying referrals can be responded to within 3-4 working days.
  • Active Minds: The service aims to contact new clients within 48 hours and make an initial appointment within two to three weeks. Some activities, such as Boxercise, are run on specific dates so there may be a period of time to wait until the group starts.
  • The Hub: Currently no waiting list. 
  • Social Networking Service: Currently no waiting list. The service aims to make contact within 48 hours from receiving the referral and arrange an initial appointment within one week.
  • Employment Support: Currently no waiting list.  Once the service receives a referral they will respond within 2 weeks.
  • Welfare Benefits Advice: Please contact the service directly.

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