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Closure of Friends in Need Project

The people who fund our Friends in Need project have decided that they no longer wish to commission the service from Mind in Croydon. The project will expire on 30th September 2019.

In terms of the support that Mind in Croydon can offer to people who are members of Friends in Need; we are happy for people to become members of the Hub, which means you can get the support of that project, attend groups and seek support from the staff there. If you would like to join the Hub, you can get an application form from our staff at Fairfield House 10, Altyre Road, East Croydon. Alternatively you can access a referral form via The Hub Leaflet.

Friends in Need is a social network for adults experiencing or in recovery from depression and/or anxiety.  It was set up to lift people out of the terrible isolation and loneliness these difficulties bring.  There are 8 Friends in Need services across the country which are hosted by Mind and hundreds of informal ones online.

The Croydon service is delivered by one coordinator – Sarah Strong – via funding from Croydon IAPT.  This serves as a great partnership offering Friends in Need access to clinical expertise via the therapists who deliver CBT-based talking therapy and counselling via SLaM primary care services (based at the Bethlem Royal Hospital site in Beckenham).

At the current time Friends in Need is open only to those who are accessing Croydon Talking Therapies (IAPT) service and are referred by one of the therapists there. The service is not suitable for those experiencing serious mental illness as it is designed for those are at a point in their recovery where they might contribute to the group and have the potential to offer peer support. FiN is service is primarily peer-led and facilitated by the Coordinator.

Throughout the week Friends in Need members meet each other throughout the Croydon area (in cafés, parks Fairfield House, and other venues) encouraging one another and focusing their attention towards various activities evidence-based https://www.wheelofwellbeing.org.

Activities include:

  • Craft sessions
  • Poetry reading, writing, sharing
  • Guided walks (always with a coffee stop)
  • Keep-fit
  • Cinema
  • Trips out of Croydon
  • Lots of coffee and chat

The Coordinator runs 2-3 group welcome meetings a month so newly referred people can hear about the service once they have been referred through Mind in Croydon or Friends in Need.

Some members have been with us for a number of years and now act as session facilitators, running activities on a regular basis.  Some attend every few months, some attend numerous times throughout the week. The Coordinator does not attend every session but pops into various events over the course of the month and is in regular contact with members.

It’s a great service and helps so many to find strength, build confidence, make friends, find volunteering opportunities and jobs and give back to the network and the wider community.

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