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We believe that being informed by lived experience is critical to the development and delivery of meaningful services. As our work expands, we are committed to hearing new voices of lived experience.

In February 2022 we adopted an ambitious ‘Lived Experience Engagement, Influence and Participation Policy’. Our aim is to ensure our work reaches as many of the 67,000 people a year in Croydon who experience mental health in a year as possible.

What is the Purpose of the LEAP?

It contributes to the work of the organisation by:

  • Engaging in ideas identified where the views, perspectives and insights of lived experience are vital.
  • Taking part in external meetings where the voice of lived experience is valuable.
  • Acting as a critical friend with regards to our current strategies and approach.
  • Being a bridge between underserved communities in Croydon and us to ensure information and results are actioned.
  • Leaving a legacy of relationship building and strong lived experience influence.

When recruiting to LEAP we asked for the people with the following expertise and experience to come forward:

  • Lived experience of mental health problems
  • Experience or desire/ability to influence policy and practice across Mind in Croydon.
  • The ability to attend online meetings / in person discussion groups and to speak and share ideas in a group.

To ensure that our LEAP had a range of experience and diversity we welcomed applications from all groups but were particularly interested in representation from:

  • Young people (18-25).
  • People from marginalised communities.
  • People from LGBTQIA+ community.
  • People with long-term health conditions/or physically disabled.
  • People with experience of caring for someone with a mental health problem.

If you have lived experience and are interested in joining the LEAP please send an email in the first instance to