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Sometimes people find it difficult to express concerns about their treatment or care while they are in hospital or living in the community.  It can be particularly difficult if you are on a ‘section’ or if this is your first time in hospital. You have the right to be heard; your opinions should be listened to by the professional staff. An advocate can help. Our Advocacy Service operates independently of the mental health services.  We can help by listening to you and helping you have your voice heard, and empowering you to speak for yourself. We can support you at ward rounds and Care Programme Approach meetings or when discussing your treatment plan with your doctors and nurses or social workers. We provide clear information about rights, medication and any aspect of treatment while in hospital. We can support you in gaining legal advice and representation if necessary. We can signpost you to other services who can provide support to meet your needs.

Advocacy Training Courses

Our Advocacy Service provides a training course in advocacy.  Click here for more information.


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