Using a person-centred approach to enable people to stay well and to live fulfilling lives


What is the Mental Health Personal Independence Co-ordinator Service?

The MHPIC Service offers one to one support for people with a serious mental health illness. The aim of the service is to focus on what matters most to you and to see how best we can support both you and your family. We endeavor to support you to stay well – both mentally and physically – and help you to live your best independent life.

A Mental Health Personal Independence Co-ordinator can offer you one to one support and help you to:

  • co-ordinate daily tasks and manage your Personal Recovery Plan
  • identify and set goals and work towards achieving them
  • overcome any barriers that may arise in achieving your identified goals
  • create and build social and community networks

Who can use the MHPIC Service?

  • Anyone who is a resident of Croydon and is registered with a Croydon GP
  • Anyone who is 18 years and over with a mental health condition and needs assistance with:
    • Managing their mental health
    • Social isolation
    • Emotional needs
    • Financial support
    • Improving ability to self-manage
    • Improving ability to manage at home
    • Carer support

This service would not be suitable for you if you are:

  • In a crisis
  • Too unwell to engage with the service
  • If you are dependent on drugs & alcohol and you are not being treated or you have refused to accept support
  • If you are unable to manage or set goals

How to Access the Service

If you would like to access the MHPIC service, speak to your GP or pop into the Croydon Health & Wellbeing Space in the Whitgift Centre and speak to a member of staff who will be able to refer you.

Self-referrals are not accepted.

Accreditations & Awards