Jill Kyne


Jill has over 30 years’ experience in senior finance roles in consumer goods and tech companies and now uses those skills in the charity sector providing advice and mentoring to finance managers in various charities and as Treasurer for the Connection at St Martin-in-the- Fields, a charity that helps people to move away from, and stay off, the streets of London by tackling the underlying causes of rough sleeping. She spent 2020 as interim CEO at Age UK Croydon where she had been Treasurer from 2011 to 2017.

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Saba Khan

Trustee (Vice Chair)

Saba Khan is an internationally exhibited and collected, contemporary visual artist, and Founder and CEO of ArtEase and Saba Khan Painting.  She makes vibrant, powerful oil and mixed media paintings and drawings.  Viewing the painting process as mirror to life, her works comment on the everyday choices ordinary people are forced to make, in a world that does not always benefit the majority. She also explores unexpected surreal, random moments, people experience in their bodies, spaces, and sensual, emotional, social, geopolitical lives.

Passionate about the transformative power of art, social justice, and good mental health, she founded ArtEase, a creative wellness business, that uses art to bring ease to life and work. ArtEase provides unique art workshops, studio experiences and exhibitions that bring happiness, and space for reflection and achievement.

Saba also has 27 years’ experience in the charity sector in the UK and abroad, particularly in equalities, fundraising, and communications. She is also Creative Advisor to Voice of Freedom.

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Angelica Thomas


With a background in media, a passion for mental health advocacy, and people, Angelica is delighted to be a part of Mind in Croydon. As a Trustee, she will be offering expertise when needed and helping create a positive and impactful change. Angelica’s other passions include animals, baking, and crafting. Her life motto, “Have courage and be kind,” is inspired by Cinderella, as you never know what someone else may be going through.

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Eula Kerr


Eula has a background across multiple sectors including finance, museums and galleries, and managing projects for charitable organisations. They are currently the programme manager of BIG South London, an initiative working to support growth and innovation in small businesses across South West London.

Having managed funding from multiple bodies, Eula has experience structuring initiatives to ensure their users are at the heart of delivery. They have previously volunteered with small charities including Happy Space UK, an organisation improving mental wellbeing of young people in transitional stages.

Eula is a lover of all creative endeavours, and an enthusiastic runner, so expect to see them donning a Mind vest in a fundraising marathon near you.

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Alexander Enahoro


Alexander is a passionate mental health advocate who has delivered speeches and written articles & blogs drawing on his lived experience of managing five diagnosed mental health conditions and advocating for an improvement in accessibility to and treatment within mental health services.

Alexander is a postgraduate with a creative background in writing and acting. Alexander has used both of these outlets therapeutically within his own recovery.

He works in Peer Support, and this is his second trustee position.

Alexander is committed to overseeing the expansion and progress of Mind in Croydon’s services, particularly regarding the development of Mind’s alternative therapeutic services.

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Fiona Webb


Fiona has 20 years of professional experience in Mergers and Acquisitions, working with executive teams and investors to assess value potential, design and implement programmes that will deliver expected benefits, and plan for smooth separations. For the last 10 years she has focused specifically on the Healthcare and Pharma sector, working with both public and private providers.

It is this experience that has created her awareness of the intersection between public, private and third sector organisations and her interest in using her skills and experience to help that system provide support to as many people as possible.

Her experience of managing mental health and wellness in the workplace, and seeing first hand the impact on individuals, has reinforced for her how critical it is to promote understanding of these issues.

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