Is there a charge for the service?

The advocacy service offers FREE, INDEPENDENT & CONFIDENTIAL service.

Will what I stay be kept confidential?

Please follow link to Mind in Croydon’s Advocacy Confidentiality Policy.

Advocacy Confidentiality Policy

I don’t live in Croydon; can I still access your service?

Unfortunately due to the way our service is funded we are unable to provide advocacy to anyone who does not reside in and access Croydon funded services.

Is this advocacy?

Q. I was at a CPA with my advocate. My care coordinator wants me to go on a depot injection. I asked my advocate what they think I should do.

A. As advocates we would support you to express your views and wishes at a CPA if you felt you were not being listened to or taken seriously. However we do not give advice or tell you what you should or should not do. An advocate could help you obtain information so you could make an informed choice.

Q. I telephoned advocacy to request some legal advice about my employment situation.

A. Advocates do not offer advice. We are not legal advocates. We could provide you with information on specialist services that provide the support required.

Q. I’m in hospital as an informal patient and would like someone to come into a ward round and support me.

A. An advocate could assist you in this issue. We would meet with you to find out what points you wanted to raise at the ward round. We would discuss the level of advocacy support you require e.g enabling you to self advocate; prompting you to raise issues you may have forgotten; or speaking up on your behalf if you felt unable to do so.

Q. My health care professional thinks I need to go into supported accommodation. I don’t agree but I don’t feel anybody is listening to me or taking me seriously.

A. An advocate would meet with you to find out your wishes and views. We could possibly attend a meeting with you to put your wishes across, or put them down in a letter to your health care professionals.

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