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Young people and mental health

In the late 1990’s Croydon Mental Health Users’ Group (CMHUG) came together as an independent, pioneering service user voice made up of past and present users of mental health services. The decision to make the film Finding the Edge was based on members’ experience of contact with psychiatric services.

The film explores some of the pressures which might contribute to poor mental health in young people. It examines how society views people with mental health problems and the impact of the resulting stigma. Its overall message is that most of us will experience emotional difficulties at some point in our lives.

The service users who took part in Finding the Edge felt that it is important that young people understand that they are not alone when they feel upset by issues they face. Young people must understand that there is no shame in seeking help for their problems. Indeed, in many ways it is far braver to admit that you need some short-term support than to struggle on alone.

This new DVD package includes the original film and a range of new materials, including new video resources developed in conjunction with young people and a comprehensive training pack designed to allow teachers and professionals working with young people to explore issues around mental health.

Cost: £35


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Running time: 54 minutes

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