A film about self-injury

The issue of self-injury is surrounded by stigma and misunderstanding. Such behaviour is often labelled as attention seeking or, mistakenly, as attempted suicide.

Visible Memories allows people who self-injure to describe their experiences. They tell us some of the reasons why they self-injure and what approaches they find helpful or unhelpful. Setting self-injury in a more general context of self-harm, the film argues that such behaviour is a valid coping mechanism for dealing with internal emotional distress, and that consequently, the challenge for those who do not self-injure is to come to terms with their own feelings in relating to those who do.

Cost: £40


Running time: 27 minutes

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Visible Memories feedback

An important contribution to the growing body of knowledge from those of us who live with self-harm. The primary experts are leading the way to a greater understanding of self-harm. Watch and learn.

Louise Pembroke, Chair of National Self Harm Network, Author of “Self-Harm: Perspectives from Personal Experience”.

A highly professional and excellent resource which everyone with an interest in self-harm should see.

Elizabeth Gale, Policy and Development Manager, Mentality

. . . 100% on target. The film takes the mystery out of the behaviour . . . All in all very effective.

Professor Armando Favazza, Author of “Bodies Under Siege”

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