Clients’ Birthday Music Performances

To help cheer up a couple our clients during lockdown, Sarah Moffatt, a representative from the World Harmony Orchestra surprised them by playing the violin for their birthdays.

Our first clients birthday was on the 12th January.

I do get a bit fed up with the lockdown as I like to interact with people face to face. I only go out across the road on a Tuesday to get my TV Times.
I was so pleased to have that lady playing the violin, it was lovely; I really enjoyed it for my birthday.

Our second clients birthday was on the 17th January.

The lockdown has really taken a toll on me mentally and physically especially mentally. The lockdown is not doing me any good as I am used to going out and about.
I was very elated when I heard the news that they were coming to play and was very happy when the day finally arrived.
I enjoyed the performance immensely; it was the happiest birthday I ever had. I enjoyed myself in my heart and in my body. The weather was very good which was unbelievable. I was happy that the two songs that I requested were played. I received 4 bunches of flowers. It was wonderful and everyone that came to watch enjoyed it as well.

Posted on: 11th March 2021

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