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“So I Speak” poem

Amanda Brown-Bennett has volunteered with Mind in Croydon in the past and continues to work with us supporting our volunteer counsellors.  She created the poem, So I Speak which can be viewed here.

It really breaks my heart to observe many of the ongoing tensions we currently face, and for me, the saddest part has to be the naivety that we have in understanding just how prevalent injustice and inequality is within our social institutions. As a person of colour, what particularly concerned me was how I operate within this system, and having being challenged in a number of ways, came to realise just how much I had allowed my environment to silence me, suppress my cultural identity and personal convictions.
​The ‘So I speak poem’ was my attempt to speak out and finally overcome the silencing that had me bound.

You can follow the So I Speak project on instagram @soispeak_project) and Facebook (@SoISpeakProject).

Posted on: 8th July 2020

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