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Visible Memories now on YouTube

We have uploaded our film, Visible Memories, to YouTube for everyone to view. You can view this at


Visible Memories

a film about self-injury

The issue of self-injury is surrounded by stigma and misunderstanding. Such behaviour is often labelled as attention seeking or, mistakenly, as attempted suicide. When they come into contact with traditional health and social care agencies, people who self-injure often feel the treatment they receive exacerbates rather than relieves the situation.

Visible Memories allows people who self-injure to describe their experiences. They tell us some of the reasons why they self-injure and what approaches they find helpful or unhelpful. The film shows examples of statutory and voluntary agencies where there is good practice. Setting self-injury in a more general context of self-harm, the film argues that such behaviour is a valid coping mechanism for dealing with internal emotional distress, and that consequently, the challenge for those who do not self-injure is to come to terms with their own feelings in relating to those who do.

The film is also available for purchase on DVD at £5 per DVD.

If you would like to purchase please make a donation through our donations page and email the receipt to with the name and address you would like it posted to.

Posted on: 15th January 2020

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